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I truly wish I had read some reviews before calling. I first spoke with psychic Brian who is no more gifted than a fish in a bowl, he goes on to tell me some things that did not make sense or was true.

Every time I said no he kept telling me that's what he was picking up. So I had 9 minutes left after paying 30.00 so I thought I would pick someone else to use my nine minutes and 5 free master psychic minutes. I ended up talking to some lady who used tarot cards and kept telling me stuff about myself that yet again didn't make any sense. The phone hung up after the 14 minutes I had.

Then I ended up being charged 110.00 for this *** that I was told. I was furious. I was told they would refund me if there was no recording telling me I would be charged the full price per minute.

I didn't hear that but yet I am still to get a refund. Do not use these people, they will charge you more money and will not tell you anything that you already know.

Review about: Asknow Psychic Reading.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I was lied too by a psychic name benny. ext.893658 nothing he said has come to past..yes i were in a vulnerable state like many others that seek help.. Stay Away


Bad experience as well with a male master psychic. Same as all of you.

This man I spoke to, proceeded to advise me that I was cursed by two former co workers ( which he could not give specifics on).

Nor could I have guessed who they could be. Advised me, I could never get a job in the same field and proceeded to blame all my bad luck past, present, and future to this incident.


LOL what did you expect? I worked for them - you're supposed to run up the minutes - sort of like phone ***.


I called because I was having relationship issues. I was hoping to get guidance how to salvage it.

I talked to a John who was 13.oo a minute . He answered so poney and very general. It was clear he was trying to keep me on the line. He also gave bizarre answers which did not fit my questions or situation.

He said my girlfriend was pregnant with another man's baby. But my lady is unable to have children due to surgeries.

I was unhappy with the reading and called customer service. The man that I talked to seem to have the same voice.

I got no apology and was told no refund would be given because this was for entertainment purposes only. I spent over 500 just throwing money in the toilet.

It taught me a lesson to listen to my own intuition and not be foolish. The five hundred would of been better off spending on my girlfriend or family.

to Mark Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1352323

Not defending them or anything but their recording use to say "for entertainment purposes only". Been two years since I've called them but you gotta read the fine print sometimes.

to realm188 #1359684

Well I was not entertained lol and neither was my bank account. Are you really from Mannford because I grew up there on hound dog holler road. Small world.

to Anonymous #1378466

Yeah, but I live more towards Olive now. I use to live in Lake Country.

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