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I have been getting psychic readings since the 90's and I can say that AskNow Psychics are the best out of the bunch. Unlike Keen, Kasamba and some others, AskNow actually interviews and tests their psychics as opposed to just letting them give readings because they say they are psychics.

Make sure you buy a package deal or you can get sticker shock when you look at the bill.

I have had extremely accurate readings with Psychic Sorcha, Psychic Layla and Psychic Clarissa. I felt no connection with Man of Light or VirgoFlight, so don't waste your time with those two.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Excellent psychics.

I didn't like: It can get expensive.

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I agree with you to a point but I think that you have to be so very careful with online psychics in general. I have lived and learned and in my opinion, I think I am leaning towards finding a private spiritual reader.

The down side is that you have to make an appointment so if there is something that you really want to talk about, you need to wait. The upside is that private readers charge far less. I have also found that I can ask more detailed questions and actually "see the reading" with whatever divination tools are being used.

It is a matter of preference - so if you find an online psychic that is reputable and does not overcharge - that is the best of both worlds. Thanks for the tips about the ones you have had a good experience with - I will keep it in mind!

Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #964949

I agree, I have always preferred them. I used my intuition to find out which psychic I want to talk to each time.

Never be afraid to listen to the voice within. I think I have talked to Clarissa. She is nice. I have talked to Psychic Kendall and Psychic Angel Reader Nicole.

When I didn't see Psychic Angel Reader Nicole on there I had to pick another and Kendall is who I picked. They have never steered me wrong, so I agree with you. While AskNow may be more expensive, I would prefer to go there, talk to some friendly staff, and then 100% better about my life instead of calling Keen or 7th Sense Psychics, the one with the psychic that accused me of lying about my age and hung up on me, and be back at square one.

Nobody from AskNow has ever hung up on me or accused me of lying. What you're saying is 100% true.

to realm188 Florida, United States #1348147

Asknow is a company run by sleazy, greedy and lying managers. They just want your money.

My friend worked there and she had an affair with the manager Brian. He also works the phone line and he is not psychic. They have their top 15 favorite psychics. They work these people day and night.

These are the masters and elites.

They use the bottom or cheapest psychics for a period of six months or so. When these psychics start to get a following and repeat customers, then the call center starts transferring all their regular clients to the masters and elites.

They rig the calls big time. They control it and even if a person ask for their favorite, they will do things such as connect the call to a master, or tell that person that only the elite can answer certain questions which is a bunch of ***.

My friend found out that they would put her good reviews on the top psychics which was meant for her. They also make sure that the majority of reviews is wonderful. After a while the psychic who they have used up quits or they use a lame excuse to let them go. But then you will see them hire brand new psychics and start the whole game over.

Brian told me he would be in the bathroom taking calls pretending to be psychic . They want their psychics to talk very slow and never say the word goodbye and what a wonderful connection they had with that person. They record all calls so that when they send out emails it looks real in their messages from the spirit world. If you are a psychic go on another site where the dirty low down stuff is not happening.

Brian the fake psychic and manager that only knows how to lead by screaming and threatening. He is a bitter angry man who should not have his daughter . She is going to grow up with big daddy issues. When people complain about their credit card bill Brian refuses to give their money back.

They usually will skim ten extra minutes off the credit card. So you have to call the BBB and the FBI for help. You do get your check however they like to keep your hard earned bonuses. So all week you are making your bonus and doing great.

But then the weekend comes and all of a sudden no calls and they make it so difficult for you to get your bonus. The bonus goes straight to the team manager's pocket. The managers job is also to write great reviews. When you see how they add the psychics name especially if it is a master or elite you can bet the manager wrote that.

You have to keep people on the line after their package is over. When you do not they get very angry and tell you that you are costing the company money. They go after that per minute rate like a rat on crack. Brian is from the midwest and very racist.

He is also a high strung fast talking selfish angry man who refuses to listen and feels its his way .

Just so much drama and lies at the call center. They are not of spirit but rather of stealing money and putting fear in their workers .

to Sara Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1348155

Sara, thank you for your response. I made that comment 2 years ago, but I went back to the AskNow website some time ago and felt different about it.

This now explains why they've gotten knew psychics and how some may have went onto California Psychics or even Kasamba.

I moved onto Psychic Source where you have to pay first. Again, thank you, Sara.

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